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InstantRuby 1.3 released

– Improved arranging of UI elements when app size changes
– Display return values using “=>” in the last line
– Update output during program execution
– Support for sleep method
– 2 space indentation instead of 4
– Possibility to stop long running programs
– Improved on-screen keyboard support (moved buttons to the top)

More about InstantRuby

Hello Windows Azure

To get familiar with Windows Azure I created a new web application: (Update 10/27/2013: website not available anymore)

Currently the application only provides some basic functionality, but I intentionally wanted to publish an early stage to be able to work with it in real life. I plan to add more features over time.

These are some of the technologies I am using:

Hello Silverlight

I had some time to play with Silverlight 2. I like editing Silverlight XAML by hand (in Visual Studio that is the only possiblility), but to get a nice design or add some effects, Expression Blend is helpful. I’m a bit disappointed that there is no SVG support in any of the Microsoft tools – so you cannot easily integrate existing SVG graphics or icons (e.g. from Open Clip Art Library). The free tool Inkscape can help here.

The first outcome of my coding is here (click on the items to edit them; drag the items to change the order).

Batch Conversion of MJPEG Files to MPEG 4

One of the things I don’t like about my digital camera (a Canon IXUS 70), is that it generates MJPEG files for videos. That files really take up a lot of space.

And I’m lazy and do not want to use a program like Nero to convert each file one-by-one. So I wrote a small program, that scans a directory (inclusive its subdirectories) for MJPEG files and converts them to MPEG 4 (Xvid).