.NET Reference Explorer 1.2

I’ve uploaded a new version of .NET Reference Explorer:

– New: Using global assemblies as entry assemblies
– New: Multi-selection in ‘Open File’ dialog
– New: Config files of entry assemblies now get processed
– New: No installation needed anymore.
– Fixed: Loading of global assemblies with publisher policies

One thought on “.NET Reference Explorer 1.2

  1. J?rg

    Really nice tool, thanks!

    A few ideas for the next version:
    – I would like to have the “Do not show references to” option more configurable. I have a lot of assemblies from a 3rd party supplier that I would like to exclude from the graph.
    – I didn’t find an option to print the graph to more than one page although it is possible to view more than one page on the print dialog.

    Thanks again.

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