Sometimes you just need an executable file that does nothing:

I use it to outsmart a tool that always calls on every start a configuration wizard – even though it already is configured. Now it calls DoNothing.exe.

4 thoughts on “DoNothing.exe

  1. RA

    Here’s another use for it, if you’re running iTunes:

    Kill ipodservice in the process explorer, if it’s running

    Replace c:\program files\ipod\bin\ipodservice.exe with this donothing.exe (rename it)

    Et voila! No more annoying ipodservice!

  2. Stephen

    Awesome – just what I was looking for. I used this to disable some of the keys on my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 – specifically the 1,2,3,4,5 “favorites” keys. My toddlers sometimes manage to give the keyboard a good whack and it keeps popping up “assign this key to…” on the screen, and the Microsoft Keyboard software will not let you disable these keys (though it does allow you to disable all the others). Now I just assign those keys to DoNothing.exe.

    Hope this provides some good search engine keywords to bring lots of people to your site! :)

    Thank you so much!

  3. Senax

    I’m using donothing.exe every day! I’m so glad it does nothing! I often rename programs in ROM, copy donothing.exe and rename it to the desired (not deletable/movable) executable. Thank you for providing this and more of your nice utilities to use Stephen Brenner, you rock!

  4. Mr Cat

    Thank you very much Mr Brenner. Meow for you! It would be nice if you could upload the sourcecode or put it freely on source-forge.

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