Managed Stack Explorer

To easily get stack traces of a running .NET application I was searching for a small tool and found the Managed Stack Explorer from Microsoft. Unfortunately it was not maintained anymore since 2006 and thus didn’t support Windows 7 and 64 bit. I fixed these issues and built a version 1.01. It currently only can trace .NET 2/3/3.5 applications and not .NET 4 applications.


I mostly use the tool from the command line:

  1. List process IDs (needed for step 2):
    MSE /p
  2. Dump stack traces of all threads from a certain process to a text file (1234 is a placeholder for the process ID):
    MSE /p 1234 /s > c:\temp\StackTraces.txt

The package now additionally contains a MSE32.exe. Use it if you want to monitor an application that is running in 32 bit compatibility mode on a 64 bit OS.

One thought on “Managed Stack Explorer

  1. HopelesslyPtimistic

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks for working out the kinks and publishing your work.
    I am very gratefull.
    This is a great tool.

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