Creating Stack Traces with MDbg

Recently I have written about the Managed Stack Explorer. In the meantime MDbg (.NET Framework Command-Line Debugger) is my favorite tool for creating stack traces of running .NET applications in customer or test environments.

Download: (412 KB)


  1. Start MDbg.exe (if you want to trace a process that is running in 32 bit compatibility mode in a 64 bit environment, use MDbg32.exe).
  2. Enter “a” to list all running .NET processes and their process IDs.
  3. Enter “a <ProcessID>” (e.g. “a 1234″) to attach the debugger to a specific process.
  4. Enter “fo w” to display stack traces of all threads within the attached process.
  5. Enter “de” to detach the debugger from the process.