Batch Conversion of MJPEG Files to MPEG 4

One of the things I don’t like about my digital camera (a Canon IXUS 70), is that it generates MJPEG files for videos. That files really take up a lot of space.

And I’m lazy and do not want to use a program like Nero to convert each file one-by-one. So I wrote a small program, that scans a directory (inclusive its subdirectories) for MJPEG files and converts them to MPEG 4 (Xvid).

2 thoughts on “Batch Conversion of MJPEG Files to MPEG 4

  1. Sven from Belgium

    Hi there,

    just wanted (to be the first?) to say: THANK YOU!!!

    Great tool, simple to use, no hassles, just works…

    Any new versions on the way by any chance?

    Some tips:
    – support for .MOV-container
    – ability to choose/enter a folder where to copy the old files to (not just the “My Documents”)
    – quality settings with “slider” instead of numbers

    Greetings and thanks again!!!

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