Some time ago I wrote I small program, just to play a little bit with .NET Remoting. That program should allow you to start executables on a remote computer. I thought it would be just for playing with Remoting, because there are enough good programs on the market that are doing that already – for example psexec.

But recently I started implementing automatic tests for our distributed server components. As they are distributed, the tests will have to trigger multiple computers. The tests are written using NANT files. To my surprise non of the freely available programs worked – it was not possible to start NANT on the remote computer. Only my tiny .NET remoting application worked. So maybe no bad idea to publish it…although it was initially intended only to be a test app.

Download: (386 KB)
Operating System: Windows XP or newer with .NET Framework 2.0
License: Freeware

RemoteCmd.NET consists of…

  • a command line application that will be executed on the client computer. It gets called in the following way:
    RemoteCmd [ComputerName] [Executable] [Param1] [Param2] …
  • a service that will be installed on the remote computer. There is a setup to install the service. All programs on the remote computer will be executed in the context the service is running under – by default: Local System. Please change that accordingly. Local System will allow unlimited access to the remote computer.